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This is Chez Blaire. We got tired of throwing Half or Barely Used product in the trash. 
Chez Blaire loathes the idea of wasting hard earned money on products that don't work, all while making corporations that don't care about your baby, more money.
Chez Blaire knows it takes some trial and error with baby products to find what works for your baby and knows different kids have different bodies, skin types etc.
Chez Blaire doesn't support killing the environment with more waste than necessary.
Chez Blaire recognizes that sometimes parents want to try first... and then commit.
Chez Blaire likes the idea of trying something at a fee in smaller quantities and then investing long term so as to have long term savings.
We make shopping for little ones easier on moms and dads.
We allow you to test out a variety of brands in an affordable way.
On top of that, we decided during the Covid19 pandemic to pivot to afro-inspired infant, baby and toddler clothing. There are some made to order Mommy&Me, Daddy&Me outfits as well, since we all want to be THAT parent. Shamelessly so. I am proud to say I am that mom that wants to be matchy-matchy and cute with my daughter. Join me if you are a shameless parent with a cute baby you want to match with! 
Check out the video below to learn more about what makes Chez Blaire different!